POLYTESTS Services is an independent lab that provides a variety of engineering and certification testing in partnership with several certification bodies.

Our know-how and our vast lab network combined with our experience in the industrial sector make us the ideal partner to act as a link between both worlds. The exceptional quality of our involvement sets us apart in a class of our own. As such, we provide a streamlined process without any surprise.

Our Laboratory Services

POLYTESTS Services’ expertise covers a wide variety of industries, including plumbing, heating products, building tools and materials, various household appliances, etc.

The services offered in our laboratory is very extensive:

  • Problem assessments,
  • R & D consulting,
  • Certification document preparation,
  • Comparative testing,
  • Various tests,
  • Product certification,
  • Validation testing,
  • Product optimization to meet standard compliance,
  • Locating the appropriate technical resource to manage specific lab tests.

All of our tests are governed by a Q/A process that meets the ISO 17025 Standard.


David Clerk Les éditions protégez-vous: As a consumer magazine, our requirements are very high in relation to laboratory tests. Over the past 25 years, POLYTESTS Services key personnel was able to offer the listening and flexibility necessary to successefully achieve the mandates of comparative studies. Proactivity and commitment are the basis of the winning recipe.

André Bidaud, ICC chimney: As a global resource for product development, POLYTESTS brought us to an efficient integration of our products to the North American market. The POLYTESTS personnel has provided us with sound answers and services that exactly meet our requirements in both product adaptation and normative testing.

John Voorhees, US Stove company: We need partners that meet our requirements. Services POLYTESTS has accustomed us to a high level of integrity and knowledge, enabling me to get them involved with confidence within our development activities.

François Thiry, STUV S.A: POLYTESTS… They’re an extension of our own laboratory! The day-to-day follow-up of results, the expertise and service levels have enabled us to optimise our product volume on the market and to reduce test delays. We gained a flexibility that’s invaluable.

Contact us. We’ll be happy to show how we can best help you meet your requirements.