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About Us

POLYTESTS Services is an independent laboratory providing numerous testing services and certification testing in partnership with major certification bodies.

We provide a simplified process with no surprises. Our expertise and vast experience in the laboratory network and the industrial sector make us an ideal partner for creating the link between these two worlds. With a continuous commitment to quality, our service is in a class of its own in helping solve your challenges and achieve your objectives.


At POLYTESTS Services, your project will be handled with all the respect it deserves. You are not just a number and your concerns are ours. Our objectives:

Our engineering and consulting services draw from vast expertise to meet your needs in the following fields: mechanical, thermal, physical, electromechanical, control, gas and heating. Whether through our diverse experience or our renowned external consultants, we deliver specialized and personalized service.

Find an easier way through the certification process

When you are new to the certification process, it can seem daunting, cumbersome and arduous. POLYTESTS Services makes it easier. Our personalized approach and various partnerships with certification agencies such as CSA, INTERTEK, PFS, UL, OMNI and EPA allow us to reduce certification times for your products and assure smooth progress.

Enjoy peace of mind​

We have heard the horror stories where certification costs skyrocketed due to nonconformities during testing and the inevitable repetitions that follow. Now you can avoid unpleasant surprises. Our laboratory is fully equipped to conduct preliminary tests at low cost to prepare a product for the certification process.

Make it work for you

If you are in the process of developing a product, our laboratory rental service is a solution to consider.

Different formulas are possible: space only, with equipment, with technician or engineering service time.

Whatever the formula, this is a strong option because our reduced rates for longer term projects provide savings through optimal work organization in terms of space and schedules. Take advantage of cutting-edge technical support based on more than 20 years of laboratory and industry experience.


At POLYTESTS Services, our work environment is structured to promote quality of life for our employees – that’s why they are fully committed to improving the client experience.

We focus on listening, which results in ideas that lead to positive actions. When a client brings a project to the laboratory, our employees add value and virtually eliminate all obstacles to development.