Our services are extensive
  • Case study
  • R&D consulting
  • Preparation of certification documents
  • Comparative testing
  • Miscellaneous testing
  • Product certification
  • Validation testing
  • Product optimization to comply with standards
  • Search for appropriate technical resources to conduct specific laboratory testing

POLYTESTS Services is an independent lab that provides a variety of engineering and certification testing in partnership with several certification bodies.

Peace of mind

Some products may require an extensive testing program. From experience, we know that it can be difficult to find a laboratory that can manage an entire battery of tests.

A lack of communication between the client and the laboratory can lead to delays and costly rework, even if both parties are well-intentioned.

Avoid unpleasant surprises. The POLYTESTS Services laboratory is equipped to conduct preliminary testing at low cost to prepare a product for the certification process.

In addition, POLYTESTS Services can take over a project that stalls or goes off the rails, and ensures that the final reports are delivered on time and on budget.

Testing according to standards

If you have a product or material to test to a specific standard, we have the capacity to assist you with a wide range of product types.

In addition, we can custom-design a lower-cost partial evaluation program that will enable you to verify the critical points of a standard testing program in order to evaluate whether or not your product meets minimum requirements.

If your request is outside our area of expertise, we would be pleased to suggest an alternative to help you meet your needs.

Types of testing


As your partner, we work in your interest, aiming for continuous improvement, development assistance and an objective to solve production problems.

POLYTESTS Services is your laboratory of choice for conducting compression, tension and impact tests.

We can also determine the causes of product failure and measure the constraints. We issue recognized engineering reports in Quebec and Ontario.

Our testing capacity:
  • Handle specific or distributed loads up to 150 tons
  • Accept samples up to 15 feet wide x 12 feet high
  • Simulate impacts of up to 350 KJ (250 kg at 100 km / h)
We can help you:
  • Validate product design
  • Identify weaknesses
  • Determine maximum service load
  • Meet specifications
  • Optimize products
  • Discover repetitive breakage causes
  • Identify impact resistance
  • Solve recurring technical production problems

Fire behaviour

We can help you:
  • Demonstrate that your product meets the requirements of a standard or specification
  • Measure significant parameters such as burn time, temperatures produced, etc.
  • Perform flame tests on non-flammable products according to the CAN ULC-S109 standard, for example
  • Quantify the fire behaviour of your product such as incombustibility according to the CAN ULC-S114 standard
  • We are an ISO 17025 certified laboratory

Heating and combustion

POLYTESTS Services staff have worked for more than 25 years in the field of combustion testing, mainly wood-burning appliances.

Our expertise covers safety and combustion quality aspects.

Whether it’s for preliminary testing, explanation of the North American rulemaking, or to go through the certification process, we offer a service adapted to your needs to flatten the learning curve for the technicalities associated with this sector.

We can be an added value from the beginning to your team to bring your product up to its certification in North America.

We are an ISO 17025 certified laboratory and we work in collaboration with recognized certification agencies in the field (CSA, UL, OMNI, INTERTEK, PFS). We are also an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recognized laboratory to offer a complete service offering for your product evaluation program.

Click here to view the registry of backup heaters for the city of Montreal, tested according to standard CSAB415.1-10

Comparative testing

For more than 25 years, our key personnel have been conducting comparative testing – the ideal solution for obtaining essential information to get you to the top of your market.

We have refined our expertise by developing protocols and running benchmarking programs on a wide variety of products. We can guide you through these evaluations to ensure that you reap the full benefits. If you are a product manufacturer, comparative testing can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product compared to others. This allows you to adequately target actions that better position your product line.

essais comparatifs

As a distributor, this type of evaluation can provide you with valuable information to optimize the quality/price ratio when it comes to purchasing products in high volumes. The cost of testing could easily be offset by the savings when you have the tools to make the right decisions. POLYTESTS Services is your lab of choice!

Special projects

Is your challenge special or unusual?

Can’t find the resources you need?

At POLYTESTS Services, we take the time necessary to fully understand your problem by developing various scenarios to resolve the situation. We have the technical capacity to perform a multitude of tests, including fire resistance and flammability tests, ramp tests, railings, stairs and columns, as well as load and impact tests.

Our technical background allows us to draw on our resources and apply them to solving your problem in collaboration with your team.


Product or system failure is often accompanied by financial loss. We can help you avoid this painful result by performing various wear and lifetime tests.

Whether it’s for your product’s warranty statement or to verify a system’s reliability, durability testing performed in a controlled laboratory environment is a very good option to avoid costly design errors.

By combining your input and our experience, we will be able to reproduce real-world conditions in our laboratory, ensuring that the end result will be useful for resolving problems before they occur.

If you have trouble finding an adequate testing solution to meet your needs, POLYTESTS Services has a wide network of contacts with partner laboratories to help you find the right resource. We can also tailor testing programs and be creative with innovative installations. We already have several to our credit.