On the Road to Conformity!

Benefit from a professional engineering service well adapted to your needs. While having access to the best known certification bodies.

POLYTESTS Services provides certification-related services in partnership with the most important certification bodies such as CSA, INTERTEK, UL and OMNI. We work hand in hand with these organizations to achieve your product’s final accreditation by either guiding you during the process or taking charge of the whole project within our Data Acceptance Program in wood and gas categories.

We perform the testing program in our laboratory and provide regulatory bodies with a detailed technical file used to issue the applicable certification documents. This approachwill keep certification cost at a low competitive cost while keeping a tight rein on the schedule.

We are members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec as well as Professional Engineers of Ontario, which gives us the authority to sign reports valid under the National Building Code of Canada.

François Thiry, STUV S.A: POLYTESTS… They’re an extension of our own laboratory! The day-to-day follow-up of results, the expertise and service levels have enabled us to optimise our product volume on the market and to reduce test delays. We gained a flexibility that’s invaluable.

Security Testing

We conduct security tests for several standardized products for both Canadian (CSA, ULC) and United States (UL) standards. We test electrical appliances, heaters, wood and gas burning appliances, etc. Our expertise also includes various products covered by the National Building Code such as building material, security ramps with fire resistance and load testing.

Efficiency Testing

Some product types, such as wood and gas burning appliances, require efficiency testing to assess their performance and control their energy consumption. We have developed a specific expertise to measure the performance of these appliances to comply with applicable standards.

Particle Emission Testing

We also have the capability to test against the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) requirements as we are an accredited testing laboratory for all wood-heating system. We are heavily involve with the Agency in the development of new rules to ensure we are at the forefront so we can best inform our clients and provide the following programs:

E.P.A. certified wood heater 

E.P.A. hydronic heater program

CSA B-415.1 (particle emission and efficiency calculation for Canada)


We can help to optimize your efforts and rapidly bring your project to fruition, wherever you are in the process.
A preliminary consultation will allow us to find out how we can help before we start your projectby defining a comprehensive action plan that will take all of your needs into account.

The certification process can be a complex maze. Let us guide you through.

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