Tests on guardrail, banisters, handrails, staircases and columns

Tests on ramps, gardrails, banisters, handrails, staircases and columns

To have peace of mind in knowing your product and its installation are safe for all.

Polytests Services is the laboratory of choice for carrying out tests on banisters, handrails, staircases and columns according to the proper building codes. We are an ISO 17025 certified lab. We issue engineering reports recognized throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Along with your tests you will receive:

  • A widely recognized report included in the test program;test de rampe
  • The seal of the the Order of the Engineer of Quebec and Ontario which are often required by tradesmen, architects, or municipal inspectors;
  • Protection in the form of the insurance coverage in the case of a problem with your product;
  • The best value for money in that while conducting the study of the preliminary engineering on your file, we plan the test program so as to minimize the number of tests required;
  • Access to our laboratories during the tests – and you are welcome to witness the test if you so desire;
  • Support on the part of our engineers in doing modifications and adjustments to improve the product in the case of a failure during the test program.

test de rampe 2

You’re no longer alone!

What’s more, if you would like to minimize your risks and have the assurance of success for your tests we offer you the possibility of doing a preparatory analysis or another set of preliminary tests in order to specifically check the weak points in the product. It is then possible to make the required adjustments to the product, averting an issue and thus avoiding producing with the entire test program before being certain it will succeed.

What are the steps for having your product approved?

In Canada:

  1. The product is brought to the laboratory (photo of lab)test de rampe3
  2. Depending on the type of product, the materials and the type of installation, the required test program for Quebec/ Ontario’s building code is determined. An engineering analysis according to the type of materials and assembly method enables the determination of the security factors which will be used. (Photo of Gaetan and Danick working in the office)
  3. The product is that installed in the test bench (photo of the test bench)
  4. The test program is conducted on the product. It consists of various tests such as tests of side loads or top loads, with the loads segmented allowing for pin pointing(photo of the tests)
  5. A stamped and issued report by the Order of the Engineer (photo of the cover page stamped)

In the United States:

We are currently in the process of obtaining the necessary accreditations.

Contact us so that we can help to fulfill your needs and help you along the path to YOUR SOLUTION.