Load tests

Load tests

Here you have found a partner who will work in your interests, and who aids in the development and improvement of production problems.

Polytests Services is the laboratory of choice for carrying out compression tests for tension and impact. We can also determine the causes of failure for your product and measure the constraints. We are an ISO 17025 certified lab. We issue engineering reports recognized throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Our ability to test allows us to:

  • Pinpoint the loads or responses up to 150 tonnes for all sizes between 15’ in width by 15’ in height
  • To produce cyclical loads at varying frequencies and intensities
  • To simulate unstable loads up to 350kJ (250 kg at 100km/h)

We can help you to:

  • Valider le design d’un produit
  • Validate the design of a product
  • Identify weaknesses
  • Define maximum loads
  • Meet certain specifications
  • Optimize a product
  • Find the causes of a repetitive break
  • Identify resistant to impact
  • Resolve a recurrent technical production problem



Polytests Services has the ability to test a range of products, including:
  • Scaffolding
  • Handrails
  • Security railings
  • Trailers
  • Display cases
  • Stands
  • All mechanical assemblies
  • Lattices and supports
  • Straps
  • Cables and cords
  • Anchoring
  • Doors/ Gates
  • Locks
  • Window panes and other materials
  • Etc.

In calling on Polytests Services for the production of your tests , you will get:

  • A fast and flexible service;
  • A widely recognized report included in the test program;
  • Protection in the form of the insurance coverage in the case of a problem with your product;
  • The best value for money in that while conducting the study of the preliminary engineering on your file, we plan the test program so as to minimize the number of tests required;
  • Access to our laboratories during the tests – and you are welcome to witness the test if you so desire;
  • Support on the part of our engineers in doing modifications and adjustments to improve the product. We work in collaboration with you. It’s just like having a laboratory on your own production floor.
You’re no longer alone!

What are the steps for submitting your product?

  1. The issue is studied and a preliminary analysis is made
  2. The test plan is created
  3. The required samples are determined
  4. The product is then installed on the test bench
  5. The product is subjected to the test program
  6. The report is produced

Contact us in order to share your needs with us so that we can help you to advance toward YOUR SOLUTION.