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Enhance your Test Capabilities

Your Project is our Project

POLYTESTS Services treats your interests as its own. You are never a number here. We always strive to provide our best to:

  • Keep costs at their lowest,
  • Reduce delays to a minimum,
  • Minimise time spent between receipt of the sample and its certification,
  • Provide advice grounded in our vast experience to optimize all aspects of your project,
  • Allow you to participate in the project.

André Bidaud, ICC chimney As a global resource for product development, POLYTESTS brought us to an efficient integration of our products to the North American market. The POLYTESTS personnel has provided us with sound answers and services that exactly meet our requirements in both product adaptation and normative testing.


Benefit from our Expertise

Our engineering and consulting services relies on a thorough track record and meets all of your needs in the following domains: mechanics, thermal conditionning, physics, electro-mechanical engineering, monitoring and control, gas and solid fuel heating. Our diverse experiences or our reputable experts offer you a customized and specialized service.


We Provide a Clear Certification Roadmap

Facing your first certification process? The whole experience may seem complex and difficult. POLYTESTS Services facilitate the whole ordeal! Our approach is customized and our many partnerships with certification agencies, such as CSA, INTERTEK, OMNI, and EPA, enable us to speed up the certification process for your products and accelerate your market entry.


Peace of Mind

We all head horror stories where certification costs explode due to non-conformities during testing times and the inevitable ensuing.
Maybe you’d like to avoidthese hurdles. Our lab is equipped with the latest equipment that will enable you to perform preliminary tests at a lower cost to prepare your product for the official certification process.


Need More?

If you’re in the process of product development, our unique laboratory facility renting option is a solution to consider. Different packages are available such as :

  • Facilities only.
  • Facilities with equipment.
    1. With or without technician.
    2. With or without engineering time.

Whatever your choice, it is the best possible as our reduced rates for long-term projects features an excellent ROI thanks to a streamlined workflow at both space and schedule levels. Benefit from leading-edge technical support, based on more than 20 years’ worth of experience in lab and in the industry.

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