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Our services are extensive

As an independent laboratory, POLYTESTS Services is your ideal partner. We work with your team to lay the groundwork for a testing program that meets your needs.

Flexible service

We offer our services outside the laboratory for certain projects, where testing can take place at your place of business or completely outside. This works particularly well for the construction sector where we often have to conduct load tests on anchor rods, structures or protective assemblies such as railings or anchor points.

Types of testing


As your partner, we work in your interest, aiming for continuous improvement, development assistance and an objective to solve production problems.

POLYTESTS Services is your laboratory of choice for conducting pull-out, compression, tension and impact tests.

We issue recognized engineering reports in Quebec and Ontario.

Heating and combustion

POLYTESTS Services staff have worked for more than 25 years in the field of combustion testing, mainly wood-burning appliances.

Our expertise covers safety and combustion quality aspects.

Whether it’s for insurance purposes or condominium renovations, we can investigate and validate on-site.

Special projects

Is your challenge special or unusual?

Can’t find the resources you need?

At POLYTESTS Services, we take the time necessary to fully understand your problem to develop the various scenarios to resolve the situation. We have the technical capacity to perform a multitude of tests, including fire resistance and flammability tests, ramp tests, railings, stairs and columns, as well as load and impact tests.

If you have trouble finding an adequate testing solution to meet your needs, POLYTESTS Services has a wide network of contacts with partner laboratories to help you find the right resource. We can also tailor testing programs and be creative with innovative installations. We already have several to our credit.